Price Of Paper Rise Twice In This Year

         Price of paper have rised twice in this year, the market spread that Yongfeng Yu, Zhenglong and other paper mills have been negotiating with customers to raise prices for the unbearable production costs increased by 12%-15% in recent half year, since May and June, compared with the increase of 10%-15% in January paper cartons moderate, Rongcheng and other paper mills are to follow.

        In this year, aggravating epidemic restricted the offline business activities, which also privide a chance for the recent daily online shopping, so the increase of paper box is evitable. Paper mills estimated that the carton demand from the middle of May is 8%-10% larger than before, most of the paper mills to speed up work, but some areas reported a lack of truck drivers, cartons occasionally delayed the arrival of the situation.

According to the latest international market, international paper, an important raw material for industrial paper, continued to rise, among which the price of paper per ton in the United States rose from $250 at the beginning of the year to $270-280, driving the price of paper in Taiwan up about 10%; Combined with the recent increase in overtime labor costs and fuel, chemical raw materials and other overall increases, the total production costs increased by 12%-15%.

The price rising of carton paper will influence the quotation of paper box, so the future price movements will depending on the customer usage, order status, such as a single large and diverse small amount of orders involve different operating costs, increase, if there are undigested order amount, also can have buffer.

The Ministry of Labor has relaxed the extension of working hours and holiday attendance for workers in pulp, paper and paper products manufacturing industries, resulting in a 5% to 10% increase in carton production capacity, as the household economy bodes well and foreign trade continues to boom.

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