Innovation in packaging design

The space is the indispensable form element of the modelling design,is also the important component of the commodity packing design.The thesis inquires into the spatial issues of modern packing design according to the analyse of traditional space consciousness origined from the Chinese culture,aimed to perfect peoples’spatial understanding on the packing design and to make the modern packing design be more rational and also be apt to approach the humanizing requires from the spatial aspect.

Innovation comes from new thing, new discovery, or the new look of old thing. The importance and width of modern packing design is becoming increasingly prominent. Packing design, in modern people’s eyes, is a scientific marketing model of the modernized market economy, its concept and function are thought to be equal to such skills as market design and commerce popularization of products. Packing design is, actually, the only way to success for any business. Traditionally, the concept of packing design in business field refers to such packing means as its pattern, material, model, packing functions and printing technology.

However, as technology and different media are highly developing, these traditional concepts of packing design have lagged far behind the market development of the commodity society. Today, any product that contains certain business value is no longer the one that goes far beyond the domain the traditional packing design can cover, for example, film and television media, network media, products of spiritual culture, notion of fashion, concept of consumption, life style and so on.

Moreover, such a variety of forms as concept, sense, tactile sensation, sense of listening, either tangible or intangible, visible or invisible, enter almost every corner of our life. All in all, the traditional packing concepts have lagged behind the development that this age requires. Key words: traditional packing design and domain, the expansion and importance of modern packing design, the packing era of new concept and new media.
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